Steel Pallet Trolley

Steel Pallet Trolley

Product Description

Product Name:
Steel Pallet Trolley
Country of Origin:
Steel / Iron

Detail Specifications

This is also a great transport tool that allow you to load goods and haul off. Because the profile is that of a pallet, an additional pallet can simple be set on top of the attached pallet allowing for easy removal of the loaded pallet with a forklift or manually.

※.Products Model: SE-01A7
※.Outer Size: L1300 × W990 × H290 (mm)
※.Loading Capacity: 1000 kgs
※.Wheels: 8" × 2". Material is PU. wheel type: 2 Fixed and 2 swivel & brake.
※.Surface Treatment: Electro galvanizing/Hot-dip galvanizing/304 stainless steel