AS-7 Foldable Wire Mesh Container

AS-7 Foldable Wire Mesh Container

Product Description

Product Name:
AS-7 Foldable Wire Mesh Container
Country of Origin:
Steel/Iron Wires and Rods

Detail Specifications

Collapsible Mesh Container is a type of popular storage containers. it has the functions of pallet and cage. its shield-like structure beyond the mesh structure gives extra protection to the goods stored inside. it is widely used for Agricultural Product transportation and storage, especially for onion, corn, garlic, potato, carrot, citrus depressa,flat lemon, cabbage, grapefruit, watermelon, pawpaw, coconut … etc.

※.Products Model: AS-7
※.Outer Size: L1200 × W1000 × H890 (mm)
※.Inner Size: L1150 × W950 × H750 (mm)
※.Loading Capacity: 1000 kgs
※.Wire Dia: ψ 6.0 (mm), Mesh Pitch: 50 × 100 (mm)
※.Surface Treatment: Electro galvanizing/Hot-dip galvanizing/304 stainless steel